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Prescription Polarized Sunglasses and Motorcycle Sunglasses Provide Visual Clarity

With myriad outdoor sporting and other activities available to us, quality sunglasses are a necessity. We want to enjoy these activities, while at the same time having superior protection for our eyes. It's important we choose quality prescription polarized sunglasses for optimum vision.

Prescription polarized sunglasses are for eliminating glare. When driving, or engaging in sports activities, glare can play havoc with vision. It makes driving more dangerous, and limits sporting performance.

Polarization consists of a thin layer of iodine crystals. The arrangement of these crystals is in vertical rows. They undergo sandwiching into the middle of a lens. Consequently, light can pass straight through these crystals; however, they completely block glare.

Polarized lens significantly improve vision on bright, sunny days near water, snow, or roadways. While beneficial to outdoor enthusiasts in their activities, prescription polarized sunglasses help others as well.

Polarized lenses are beneficial for refractive surgery patients and pre or post-operation cataract surgery patients. Furthermore, anyone on UV sensitizing medications benefit from polarized lenses. This includes individuals on insulin or hormone replacements.

Digital prescription lens technology offers substantial improvement for eyeglass wearers. This includes those who wear prescription motorcycle and running sunglasses. It also includes those who wear golf eye protection.

Digital prescription lens technology allows lens manufacturers to create eyewear with premier clarity. They can create this clarity throughout the entire lens. They can do this even if an individual chooses models with an 8-base wrapped design.

Digital lens design eliminates the problem called the "Fishbowl Effect". This "effect" is a visual distortion. It normally happens when a lens manufacturer puts a prescription in a curved frame.

Digital lens design is computer-aided design. In a digital lens, one's prescription undergoes recalculation at every point on the lens. This type of design results in sharp, clear vision throughout the entire lens. The optical center and the peripheral portions of the lens have this clarity.

For those who enjoy riding the highways and byways, motorcycle sunglasses are essential. Look for eyewear that features high contrast lenses, well constructed frames, and bulletproof lenses. Look for significant prescription choices, and the aforementioned digital prescription lenses.

Another feature to look for in motorcycle eye protection is foam padding. This type of padding blocks wind. This contributes to motoring safety because of improved vision. Many of these have removable foam eye seals.

People choose eyewear for comfort and safety. However, they also choose them to match their riding attire. It all comes down to choosing aesthetically pleasing models that improve contrast and protects eyesight.

It's vital to choose glasses that fit the types of riding you will be doing. Longer rides or higher speed rides demand different glasses. They must prevent wind from swirling around behind the lens (this dries out the eyes).

On the other hand, you may ride around town more. Hence, you're frequently encountering stop lights and stop signs. You need eyewear that allows more air circulation. This reduces fogging and perspiration around the eyes.

Motorcycle sunglasses should reduce eyestrain, improve contrast, and quicken reaction time. For most, shades of copper provide the best contrast.

However, consider your typical riding conditions. Your only source of light may be your headlight. If so, a slight tint will not improve contrast. It will only reduce the small amount of light you have to work with, so select equipment carefully.

Protect your "windows to the world", your eyes, with quality prescription polarized sunglasses or motorcycle sunglasses. They're a wise investment, which help you enjoy the outdoor sporting activities you participate in regularly. These sunglasses offer clear vision, and the eye care you require to help ensure continued active participation.


Great Tips For Preparing Your Motorcycle For a Fun Summer of Riding

When spring fever hits, it's hard to restrain the excitement and urge to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, especially for bikers who have been able to enjoy their favorite pastime during winter. Although you may be anxious to hug the open road on your motorcycle right away, if you take the proper precautions when removing your bike from winter storage, it can save you time and money, as well as increase your safety. Use these helpful hints when preparing your motorcycle for your summer adventures:

Inspect your fuel tank - Basem Wasef, an expert author on motorcycle topics for About.com, provides some great insight into preparing your motorcycle for summer riding. Wasef recommends that you inspect your fuel tank by opening the cap and determining whether the fuel is clean or not. If you notice any decay or buildup of residue, drain the tank, and then clean the carburetor and fuel lines before running the engine.

Kevin Crockett, an expert author for Ezine.com and motorcycle enthusiast confirms the inherent risk that old fuel can cause by claiming, "old fuel can cause your fuel lines and carburetor to clog from gum." He also recommends checking the tank for rust. "If the tank has rusted, you will need to clean and seal it to prevent flakes of rust from clogging the carburetor jets."

Finish this step by adding a fresh tank of fuel before you ride your motorcycle.

Change your fluids - Drain old engine oil, replace the filter, and then replenish the engine with new oil before you ride your motorcycle this summer. Other fluids you need to check include transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant.

Lubricate cylinders - Wasef claims that by removing the spark plugs and pouring two tablespoons of oil into the spark plug ports, you can lubricate the top portion of the cylinder walls. This can be useful if you failed to spray fogging oil on the top of the cylinder when you prepared your motorcycle for winter storage. Examine the chain and lubricate it, if necessary.

Charge your battery - Inspect the battery leads for corrosion. Wasef advises topping off each battery cell with distilled water before charging. Make certain the battery is fully charged before going on your first motorcycle ride. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming stranded because of a depleted battery.

Inflate your tires and shocks - Inspect the tires for hairline cracks, bubbles, weak spots or stress marks and address each issue separately. Inflate each tire to the specified quantity of air pressure. Continue by inspecting the shocks. Give the kickstand a few trial kicks, and lubricate it if uncooperative.

Wash and wax your motorcycle - Thoroughly clean the exterior of your motorcycle using a gentle cloth, and then protect it with a thin coat of wax.

Use a safety checklist - The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers a free safety checklist that you should use every time you ride. The T-CLOCS checklist, which stands for tires and wheels, controls, lights, oil, chassis and stands, covers every critical safety aspect on your motorcycle.

Finally, don't get caught in the rain without your rain gear! Protect yourself and your motorcycle against theft, damage from collision, vandalism and more with affordable motorcycle insurance. Nationwide can tailor a motorcycle insurance policy to fit your unique needs, even if you have a custom bike. Contact an expert Nationwide agent today for your free quote, and ask how you can qualify for an auto insurance discount when you choose to insure your motorcycle with Nationwide, too.


What To Look For When Purchasing Motorcycle Batteries

Enjoying the open road on a motorcycle is one of life's great pleasures. Of course, a well-maintained bike, with the necessary accoutrements makes the journey even more fun. It's important you choose proper motorcycle batteries to supply you the power you require for your excursions.

First, consider enterprises that sell motorcycle batteries. You want your vendor to have certain characteristics. You want a company expert in their field, who stand behind the products they sell.

Therefore, look for a vendor that offers a broad selection of products in different price ranges. In addition, choose a company that offers competitive prices. Furthermore, choose a company that provides quality accessories such as battery chargers.

You need to check out the warranties that your vendor offers. Choose a company that provides a full two-year replacement warranty. A company that offers this is providing you a warranty that is double the industry average.

What else should you look for when choosing sealed-lead-acid replacement batteries? Choose one that has extra cold cranking amps (CCA) and amp hours (Ah) included. You want a power source that has up to 25 percent more capacity compared with others.

Choose a battery brand that uses more lead in their product. This is a main ingredient in motorcycle batteries. A good manufacturer puts in the purest form of lead alloy. They compress as much as they are able.

Choice in premium replacement motorcycle batteries means selections available for almost every application. Significant choice means you can spend less time searching for a battery and more time cruising on your motorcycle.

A top-notch vendor provides premium quality replacement batteries for top brands. This includes Suzuki, Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, and every other major brand of motorcycle. It also includes products for street bikes, choppers and dirt bikes.

Look for SLA maintenance free replacement motorcycle batteries. This results in no leaking acid. These units also result in no tarnished chrome, as well as no terminal corrosion.

Be prepared when shopping for motorcycle batteries online. Sites require certain information that you need to input. Expedite your search time by having the make, model, CC, and year of your motorcycle ready at hand.

Online shopping offers the choice you need. Online shopping eliminates the need to search out brick and mortar locations. However, make sure you choose a reputable site, with financial transaction security in place to protect you.

Along with being able to compare prices and motorcycle battery types, consider a vendor's shipping policies. Understand how they will ship your battery and when and how you will receive it. You want timely delivery, affordable shipping costs, and an excellent delivery provider.

Select a vendor that makes every order eligible for free ground shipping to the continental U.S. You want a company that will get motorcycle batteries to you within 1 to 5 business days anywhere in the continental United States. Moreover, choose a vendor that offers international shipping if you require that service.

A reputable vendor offers exemplary customer support. They typically provide this via a toll-free number as well as an online contact form. This makes them easy to contact when you have battery questions, or need clarification on your order.

Consider quality motorcycle batteries suited to your particular bike. Head on down the road with confidence, knowing you chose the right vendor and battery to fit your needs. It will make your highway and byway treks that much more enjoyable, as well as safe and worry-free.


Gearing Up for the Trails: Great Tips For Taking Your ATV Out of Winter Storage

When winter recedes and the trails and fields begin to thaw, the time comes to dust off your utility ATV and prepare it for a long, fun summer. Before you strap on your helmet, gather your friends and head to the trails, make sure that you properly inspect your ATV four wheeler to ensure that it is trail-ready. This way, you can remain safe and have nothing to worry about except pounding the trails.

According to the experts at All Wheels Auto Storage, an Atlanta, Ga., based company that provides utility ATV storage and maintenance services, there are several important steps you should follow to care for your ATV four wheeler. Follow these guidelines to keep your ATV in good condition, and you will be on the trails in no time:

Lubricate the joints - While you should lubricate all of the mechanical parts on your ATV, All Wheels recommends you pay extra attention to the pivot points, center and side stands and cables. If applicable, lubricate the drive chain, too.

Change the oil - Oil tends to degrade over time and can cause engine corrosion in your ATV. Drain the old oil, which could contain particles and debris, into a receptacle. Change the filter and add the appropriate amount of new oil. This way, you will have a clean supply of oil that can keep your engine running smoothly for the new riding season.

Replenish the vital fluids - Replenish any brake, clutch and hydraulic fluid that has evaporated over time or collected contaminants. Add a fresh tank of fuel, as well.

Recharge the battery - If you connected your ATV battery to a trickle charger to keep it alive during the winter, reconnect it to your ATV and check the charge. Be certain that the battery is fully charged before you take it to the trails. Add distilled water or battery acid as needed, or purchase a new battery.

Inspect the tires - Lydia McDonald, an ATV sales expert at Dynamic Motorcars, an ATV retailer located in Northeast Ohio, stresses the importance of properly inflated tires. "Tire inflation can be critical to a successful outing on your ATV four wheeler, since they are often ridden in rural areas and subject to un-groomed trails," she says. Properly inflate tires, and inspect them for any cracks, weak spots or leaks before venturing out on a riding trip.

Check for rodents - McDonald recommends checking the filter box, exhaust and expansion chamber for mice and other small rodents. "It's actually quite common," she says. "Many people store their ATV in a barn or shed, and mice make themselves a nice little home in there during winter. You don't want to be surprised when you start your ATV for the first time, so use a stick or coat hanger to probe the exhaust and other areas for vermin. Usually, they will just come out on their own."

Prepare a safety kit - McDonald suggests putting together an emergency repair tool kit that includes a spark plug wrench, a spare spark plug and a can of fix-a-flat to mend any punctures your tires may suffer while on the trail.

Finally, before you get your helmet and go, make sure that you have adequate ATV insurance to protect your investment. An ATV insurance policy can protect your ATV four wheeler, as well as yourself, in the event of damages or an accident. Enjoy the great outdoors without the stress of worrying about whether your ATV is covered. Contact a Nationwide agent today for your free ATV insurance quote.


Considerations When Buying Motorcycle Batteries Online

Everything mechanical eventually wears out and needs replacement. Whether your motorcycle battery is leaking, weak or won't hold a charge, there comes a time to replace it. It has never been easier now that you can take of the whole thing online.

But before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind when you do your search. They are pointed out in the remainder of this piece.

To find a good site to buy your product from, you can either just openly browse the Internet of use search engine to pinpoint your search. If you plan to buy offline but research online, checking Google places might be a good place to start. Query for motorcycle batteries or even the model/make of your existing battery.

Look until you locate several sites so you can comparison shop across them. Also only use sites that are secure, have a privacy policy and readily available customer service.

You can expect a large selection to choose from, so be prepared to look for exactly what you need. You'll need to know the make and model of your bike, engine size, and any other battery data you have on hand to narrow your search. This also applies if you are considering a charger for your replacement battery.

It may surprise you to learn that replacement batteries often exceed the original's warranty and quality. You can expect a better buy for your money and a longer lasting product. There are many brands to choose from online.

The standard for warranties is usually 2 years full replacement. Extended warranties may be available by brand.

With the right information, (make, model, year and engine size) you may be able to find an exact replacement. This is mostly just a consideration about personal preference as many replacement batteries are as good, or better, than the original.

Sometimes the age of the battery will preclude doing this. Some batteries simply aren't available on the market anymore and may be out of production.

With identity theft on everyone's mind these days, it is critical to use only secure sites to do your bidding with. Most sites use at least 128 bit encryption; just like the military uses. Some even go to 256 bit encryption. These type sites are completely protect and very safe to use and completely protected.

The best sites also offer you a privacy policy for added protection. Look for badges from sites like the Better Business Bureau for added comfort.

Last but not least, you'll want to see evidence of an active customer service function. You'll need this capability should you need to return the product or ask questions about a product or a problem.

Whether making your actual purchase online or off, you'll most likely find all the answers to need with a comprehensive search online first. Do your shopping from the safety and convenience of your living room.


Top Six Reasons You Should Buy a Motorcycle

Peter Fonda, Steve McQueen and James Dean all became the pinnacle of cool on this iconic mode of transportation - the motorcycle. While increasing your cool factor may not be the main objective of buying a motorcycle, you can still receive a wealth of benefits by owning one. In addition to the financial benefits motorcycling offers, you can also enjoy an exciting new way to travel and more. If you are thinking about making the switch to motorcycling, consider the following benefits.

The Top Six Reasons You Should Buy a Motorcycle

1. Higher fuel efficiency - With summertime gas prices often topping $3 per gallon, switching to a more fuel-efficient mode of transportation is a compelling reason for many. Midsize motorcycles average 35 to 50 miles per gallon for city driving, and many reach over 60 mpg on the highway.

2. Lower purchase price - According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the average purchase price of a new car in 2008 was $28,400. Compare that with the cost of a new motorcycle, which The New York Times reports is just over $12,300, and you have a considerable amount of savings from the initial purchase price of your new ride.

3. Increased mental awareness - A study published by Tohoku University in Japan shows that cognitive functioning improved for men between the ages of 40 to 50 after riding a motorcycle on a daily basis for two months. The study compared results with a control group consisting of men in the same age range who did not ride motorcycles. Riders in the test group also reported feeling generally happier and making fewer mistakes at work. Researchers attribute these results to the fact that riding a motorcycle requires a high level of awareness, and therefore stimulates the brain to remain alert.

4. Leisure travel - The purpose of a vacation is to escape, and what better way to do so than through the freedom that motorcycling offers? You can experience amazing scenery, such as the Rocky Mountains or the California coast, without the confines of a car. Even better, you can easily cruise back roads and fill up the gas tank without breaking the bank. When you travel by motorcycle, the only schedule you have to follow is your own.

5. Environmental friendliness - Help save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by riding on two wheels. Motorcycles produce less carbon gas emissions than cars or SUVs and use fewer natural resources, such as oil, too.

6. Parking ease - Motorcycles can be easier to maneuver than you might think, especially in tight spaces. If you're motorcycling, you can zip in, zip out and reduce your parking frustrations considerably.

Now you have all the reasons you need to justify buying a new motorcycle, the only thing you may be missing is the money to pay for it. Apply for a motorcycle loan from a company like Nationwide Bank for affordable and easy-to-mange payments. Also, be sure to protect your new investment with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy that keeps you and your new ride covered.


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